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About Me

Emma Scott born in Cornwall

Emma enjoing a woodland eventThe beautiful surroundings that I was lucky enough to grow up in remain a constant source of creative inspiration for me, whether that’s the solitude and tranquillity of the woods or the open and beautiful seascapes.

After achieving an art degree in fine arts and textiles finishing with a BA in fine art my creative processes initially had a textile based influence but rural and traditional crafts have always been a source of interest to me and I predominantly work in willow these days.

I got involved with the restoration project of Mellingey Mill Willow Craft Centre in 2012 this is now where I am based and have an open studio/shop and where I run workshops. Although a lot of the work I do is still based out in the field you can find me in the shop a couple of days a week making and selling my work.

Much of the willow I use for my work is grown here at Mellingey and after 5 years of management replanting my hard work is beginning to pay off and last year saw the first crop to be viable and large on a small scale to use in making most of my own products and in workshops.

I find willow a great resource to work with and grow enough varieties to cover its wide ranging uses, from really fine basket willow to larger varieties that are perfect to harvest for hedges and fedges.