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Apart from a regularly changing selection of stock baskets, I can craft something that you may have in mind.  The following are just some examples of previous works - just get in touch.

  • Shoppers – round, oval, square
  • Log – all sizes
  • Trug & Flower Baskets
  • Foragers & Hedgerow Baskets
  • Bike – custom made to measure
  • Berry & Pickers’ Baskets
  • Egg
  • Kindling
  • Kitchen Storage
  • Waste paper bins

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  • A wide range of sculptures and garden structures in both living and brown willow.
  • Crafted in-place to suit your specific location or made for you to take home.
  • Living Willow available seasonally January - March
  • Living Willow fences, fedges, domes, arches, arbours, tunnels and tipis.
  • Willow fence / hurdle style panels
  • Harlequin trees
  • Pea frames and plant supports
  • Summer garden sculpture dragonflies, butterflies bees and snail.
  • Lobster pots
  • Bird houses & bird feeders